Transcript service

The form of a paper document which is to be requested from their respected university or the college to receive their Educational Credential Certificate and for many other visas processing purposes is referred to as the TRANSCRIPTS

Transcript paper document plays a vital role in qualifying for international study programs and the visa filing process to various countries. For example, if a person residing in India wish to travel to Canada through a Permanent Resident Visa and if such, the person was graduated from an Indian university/college, he/she should mandatorily required to apply for the transcripts from their graduated university/college to receive their Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from the World Educational Service or the recognized organizations. Most of the universities\colleges located in India is preferred to have a contactless process to apply, thereby the transcripts procedure is online as well as offline.

The offline procedure is where the student or the referring person should physically reach the location or the premises and apply for the document submitting all the necessary hard copies of the concern person’s with the required amount of fee. The online process is completely involved with soft copy of the documents and the payments through various modes like Credit Cards, Debit cards, Net banking, Mobile banking, etc.,

Transcript procedures varies from one to another based upon the university/college preferences, as same the fee involvement varies. Most of the organization charges around a minimum of 500 RS-/ to 10,000 RS-/per transcript. It is purely based upon the university charges to apply for a transcript. Once the transcript application is being submitted to the organization, it may take time of minimum 10 – 15 days in sending the officially sealed transcript document directly to the mentioned organization through a courier or the client can take it personally once they visit the premises. The official sealed transcript acts as the vital part of most of the visa/immigration process handling.

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