Tamilnadu Agriculture University

TamilNadu Agricultural University is located in Coimbatore, which was established in the year 1971.It was based on an agricultural school formed at Saidapet, Chennai. The University offers different programs in Under graduation, Post graduation, research programs and doctorate programs. The university has different sectors of education in various fields.


Generally, most of the universities or the colleges have different modes  for applying transcripts. The transcripts are the documents used to show the educational equivalency at foreign countries like Ireland, Canada, Australia, etc.,
For such we apply for the transcript document from the university to the college he/she pursued.
Most universities provide transcripts through online as well offline, we TN Transcripts make the process genuine and easy to get the document.


The common documents necessary to apply for the Tamilnadu Agriculture University transcripts are:

  • Colored consolidated marksheet
  • Colored Individual marksheets
  • Colored degree certificate
  • Colored provisional marksheet
  • Transcript request form with the WES reference number or the concern organisation.
  • A letter from the client to the university stating we TN Transcripts will be the official person in handling the documents to proceed further for Transcript document.


The processing time of the transcripts may vary from one university to another and by varying in modes to apply for the document. Generally the university takes around 10-20 days to provide the document for the client. But we TN Transcripts does the process so quick in receiving the document as soon as possible.


Once the process gets initiated by the client in TN Transcripts, we straight away assign an TN Transcript processing executive in dealing with documentation collection and filing. Thereafter the process will be coordinated through regular follow-ups and phone calls for latest updates and results.
We TN Transcripts take the process as a whole package in dealing all the work with prompt time and precise documents to complete the work as soon as possible.

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