PSG College of Arts and Science Transcript  :

PSG college of arts and science is situated at Coimbatore. It was founded in 1947, almost 74 years old and well named for its high standard of education. It’s been ranked with A by NAAC and  ranked 11th among the colleges in India by NIRF. It is affiliated to BHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY. 


There were almost many generations of students this college has witnessed. Now it’s been upgraded to another level. Graduates from this college were around the globe in various positions and citizens of several countries as well.


If you are graduate from PSG and now want to get a transcript from psg arts and science college for obtaining ECA or for your MIGRATION PROGRAM means now its quite easy to get official sealed transcripts from the college.

We TN TRANSCRIPTS were Experts of the transcripts process having 3+ years of experience of obtaining transcripts from various universities and colleges around Tamil Nadu.


Transcripts are required for those who want to get their foreign equivalency based on their degree which they’ve got in India. TRANSCRIPT is the major document to obtain the ECA from WES/CES/ICES/ICAS/IQAS.



There were some set of documents required for obtaining the transcripts from the PSG college of arts and science.


The Transcripts Requesting form from WES/CES/ICES/IQAS/ICAS Along with the reference number.

Coloured scanned copies of Consolidated Marksheets.

Coloured Scanned Copies of Degree Certificate.

Referring letter stating that we (Tn Transcripts) as an official person to do the transcripts collection process.

Passport copy ( Photocopies).


Processing time :

 In general  PSG will take the time of 07 days to send the official sealed transcripts to the respected organizations. but with the help of TN TRANSCRIPTS can get it ASAP Within a short span. 

What will happen after initiating the process with us/Why Tn transcripts :

As our client, you need not worry about getting the transcripts from PSG because here there is no work from your side. you will be simply initiating the process with us and will be receiving the billing details. Sharing the needed documents with us ( as mentioned above)then an executive will be assigned for you. They will take care of applying for transcripts for alagappa university. At each stage of the process, you will be getting the exact updates about the process as Mail/Texts and over the phone calls.

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